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Name: keijo
Date: 10/02/2009
Message: Thank you to the Lord for this days in grace and power that win and be to blessing and salvation to lost the people and healing to woundet souls pain and worry,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

Name: Minister Bourne
Date: 07/05/2009
Message: God bless this ministry.

Name: Apostle Heloise Sulyans-Gibson:Chaplain
Date: 07/04/2009
Message: we bless the LORD for your ministry. Showers of Blessings unto you

Name: Evangelist Darlene Pittman
Date: 03/05/2009
Message: Greeting in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; just wanted you to know I visit your website today. The Jesus Saves Ministry keep up the good work for the Lord. Love you all be blessed

Name: Elder Carmen Sullemun
Date: 12/07/2008
Message: Great is His faithfulness...He will restore in one day all that was lost in a lifetime...FAVOR God Bless

Name: ridebike2
Date: 11/27/2008
Message: Praise Him and God BLESS

Name: Bob
Date: 11/13/2008
Message: Please pass this Prayer Request to as many Christians and Churches as possible***(Terrorist plotting against the U.S,Taliban,Bath Party officials,those caught in the battlefield fighting against U.S troops and enemies of the U.S).When these enemies are caught by the U.S,Pray GOD makes all these enemies tell the truth about everything they know,holding nothing back when talking to U.S interigators.Pray all these enemies of the U.S are forced to tell the truth about everything they know when asked by U.S interigators,just like Demons were forced to to the truth when they were asked questions by JESUS and the apostles in the old testament.....Many in the Liberal media pretend to be objective and unbiased,but they are not objective and they are biased.Pray GOD makes all bias liberals in the media tell the truth to their American audience always.Pray they will not have any control of themselves and won't be able to deceive the American people anymore.No more covering up,and no more hiding the truth...Liberals in the government deceive people and use the liberal media to cover for them.Pray liberals in our government will not be able to lie to,or deceive the American people anymore.Pray GOD makes all liberals in our government tell the truth to the American people,no more covering up,and no more hiding the truth.Pray they will have no control over themselves and will not be able to lie, or deceive the American people no more.Pray GOD makes them tell the truth the way He makes demons tell the truth In JESUS Name.***Please pass this Prayer Request to as many Chuches and Christians as possible.***

Name: Led Ubinfoo
Date: 10/20/2008
Message: Thank you so much for spreading the love. I will direct as many people as I can here. Love the Lord! Rev. Ubinfoo

Name: Leona Bradley
Date: 10/07/2008
Message: God Bless! "Congraulations JSM celebrating 26 years!" God has blessed me,to be apart of this whole ministry for 18 years this past June. I n=know my life has been changed and I'm definitely Blessed.

Date: 10/03/2008

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